Scan Map

Represents scan activity across geographic areas and provides customizable viewing options. Total number of scans and locations presented on a heat-map can transition from a world view down to street-level pins.

Dashboard Reporting

Allows brand owners to quickly view multiple measurements and gauge consumer engagement with their products, content and links. The reporting provides direct access to the performance metrics which can be filtered by products, lots and dates.

Simplified A/B Testing

Enhances the ability of customers to determine which content and messaging resonates the most with them. Brand owners can write rules by selecting two or more versions of related dynamic content and assigning weights for the distribution of the content variants. Once enabled you can easily track the views and clicks of each variant.


Enables content and offers to be more relevant and influential to consumers allowing marketing content and messaging to be specific to trade areas, markets, and retailer locations. Brands have the ability to write a rule to deliver content based on the unique locations where consumer scans occur.

Responsive Targeting

Supports brand owners in developing content that will be delivered to consumers based on a specified activity or timeframe.

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