Q: How do you deliver unique content per individual product package?
A: Track & Trace serialization and current packaging technology allows us to create a unique url which we host for each product unit you produce. This serialization is easily implemented.
Q: What sort of hardware do I need for this?
A: There is no hardware. IntelliMarktm is accessible on the cloud.
Q: How does IntelliMarktm help assure customers?
A: Besides offering ways to provide detailed information like possible allergens, ingredients, and components, there is a real-time Recall management and product registration system within the platform. You can update product details on demand in real-time for products already on store shelves or in consumers’ homes.
Q: How is this different from QR codes I have seen before?
A: IntelliMarktm codes are unique and serialized per individual product unit meaning each landing page is unique for that package. Also, the content of each landing page delivered to each consumer is tailored to the consumer based on rules you specify which makes the digital experience contextual to each consumer.
Q: How does IntelliMarktm personalize contextual landing pages for consumers?
A: Specific landing Page content delivered to consumers can be customized based on location, product lot numbers, timing, and the consumer’s usage history.
Q: Aren’t serialized codes going to slow down and increase cost to my label/package production?
A: New variable print technologies allow serialized codes to be added to packages and labels without slowing down production at minimal extra cost. We have experts who will assist to ensure a seamless production implementation.
Q: How does IntelliMarktm help influence decisions during the path to purchase?
A: The IntelliMarktm codes, highlighted with a call-to-action for consumers, serves as a handshake to valuable content for the consumer at the First Moment of Truth with your product.
Q: How quickly can IntelliMarktm be deployed?
A: IntelliMarktm can be deployed very quickly and easily as it does not require any hardware. We will work with both your label converter and your creative team to help set up IntelliMarktm.
Q: How can I be sure consumers will scan codes on packages?
A: Providing a reason for consumers to scan a code is the best way to incite scanning to take place. This reason would have to state there is something of value. We will be happy to let you know what reason would resonate the best with your consumers based on our primary research.
Q: Are QR Codes still being utilized in the Market?
A: QR codes were misused several years ago resulting in consumers having negative experiences. However, the vast majority of consumers with smartphones have scanned QR codes, and will scan if there is a good reason or if there is something of value given to them.
Q: How is this different from a Content Management System (CMS)?
A: IntelliMarktm includes a CMS as part of the platform, but the digital experience delivered to consumers via product packages are interactive, contextual, and responsive. Beyond just delivering content; IntelliMarktm personalizes the landing page delivered and establishes a two-way dialogue with brands and consumers.
Q: What are some specific applications of IntelliMarktm?
A: IntelliMarktm’s architecture provides versatility for numerous applications including: CRM program onboarding, content optimization, new product launch, product registration, point of sale promotions, and many more – just ask us!

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